Sunday, August 3, 2008

...and growing...and growing...

On July 21, we had 13 members. We now have 68. Welcome to all. Feel free to use this blog to exchange ideas, practice tips, information about IP transactional practice. I'm hoping that we'll have contributors from many countries (so far we're in India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Arab world, ...) and many concentrations (we have generalists, corporate types, firm partners and associates, solo practitioners, patent and non-patent IP attorneys).

This isn't a litigators' space; we don't particularly care about trial or appellate tactics here. Dave Barrett runs the LinkedIn IP Litigators group (I, in fact, started this Transactionalists' group because I try very hard NOT to litigate so Dave's IP litigation group wasn't really a perfect fit for me) and he has provided his contact info here (scroll down). This blog is for discussions about getting the application to mature into registration and about the methods and means and international concerns regarding capitalizing on and commercializing existing IP.

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