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Advanced Patent Analysis Workshop Using TRIZ

CRAFITTI CONSULTING ( is offering two days of Innovation Ignition workshops on our world-class frameworks developed and practiced to solve business and technical problems in large global organizations. These comprehensive frameworks are being offered for the first time in India in workshop settings.

Workshop 1: Lean Inventive Systems Thinking – A Framework for transformationSeptember 26, 2008 Hotel Ramanashree, Richmond Road, Bangalore, India

Workshop 2:
Advanced Patent Analysis using TRIZ and other conceptsSeptember 27, 2008 Hotel Ramanashree, Richmond Road, Bangalore, India

Advanced Patent Analysis using TRIZ and Other Techniques

Patents are the most comprehensive source of information and knowledge. In the rapidly globalizing world of continuous change and cutthroat competition, every enterprise searches for competitive advantage. Patent information although realized by many as highly informative are not really tapped by enterprises at large, simply as the understanding of patents as a source of information and trigger for inventing the next are still in infancy. Although there are many open tools and databases to make patent data visualization, there doesn’t seem to be enough awareness of using patents for inventing next!

Altshuller, a Russian navy patent officer after Second World War, started a systematic study of patents – his aim was to find out what makes a successful invention. Can there be an algorithm for inventing? His search led him to develop a unique methodology called Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (acronym TRIZ in Russian). In the process he also developed a methodology to analyze and study patents. Crafitti Consulting has developed on the TRIZ way of doing patent analysis and reinforced it with other techniques to build a comprehensive framework for Patent analysis. For the first time this framework is offered in India. The delegates will be exposed to
Understanding the level of an invention and a patent
Finding out the key contradictions the invention is solving
Looking at the claims hierarchy of the patent
Function Diagrams of a patent/invention
Pruning or Trimming as a means of inventing
System Complexity Estimation
These techniques will help in
Finding Technological Alternatives to a Patent
Writing Future-proof claims of a Patent
Understanding the evolution of an invention compared to prior art
Finding white space in a field to leverage

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