Saturday, October 4, 2008

Interesting stuff here!

I'm fascinated to see how my little IP transactionalists' blog is growing and how authors are exchanging some really neat stuff here. I thank you all for your contributions and ask that you keep posting and spread the word to our colleagues! There is still room for more authors here (GOOGLE puts an arbitrary limit of 99 authors on these blogs; we're at around 30 authors, I believe).

I think a new requirement for authorship privileges on this blog may become important in time, and I ask for feedback on this. If an author has not posted something of value and relevance for a period of time -- say, 6-9 months -- that author loses authorship privileges. Given GOOGLE's limits, I think that may be the only way to keep people active on the blog and not waste the authorship slot on someone who is not making use of it, to the detriment of someone who might make very good use of it indeed if an authorship slot were opened.

I obviously won't do anything about this until we're at capacity in terms of numbers of authors.


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Mikk Putk said...
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Mikk Putk said...

Last post was on October 4, 2008 and no comments? What's wrong? The idea to bring number of bloggers together into one single environment seems to me brilliant.
But for some reason this idea doesn't want to work. Maybe because the low traffic? Alexa's rank is 14,432,729.
Maybe because of lack of surplus value?
What you think if we try same thing in some other place?

I welcome you to join Intellectual Property Network at !